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  Anonymous said:
Hey! Just thought I'd let you know that someone reposted your recent (really quite adorable) Soumako comic. Some user called czyha. :/

(Aw Thank u very much)and thank you for the info i’ll give my word to that curious little pixie =3=

  Anonymous said:

Ooh mfg thank u ;A; And i’d be grateful to drag u with me to soumako-paradise

  miaoujones said:
Hello! I just wanted to say your Makoto comforting Sousuke comic is absolute love. Thank you so much for sharing it!

You are very much welcome! i just can’t get enough with those two and I’m glad that this paring is growing ♥

i just want mako-chan to comfort sosuke…
and i’m not sorry if u think sosuke is a bit OOC ;A;



Ok so earthbenders can metal bend, waterbenders can blood bend, and firebenders can lighting bend. What special thing can an airbender do?



Ghetto Dora the explora in the hood


Y’all want a story I can’t really work on anymore but I can tell ya what I had in mind fer the whole thing an’ some poor soul’d want t’continue it:

  • The story follows the fan theory from the original Five Nights at Freddy’s where there were five children that were led to the back room of the Pizzeria and murdered. Those kids now inhabit the animatronics and are bloodthirsty. 
  • In this AU, those five’re: Penny (ironically sharing the same name and likeness of the main mascot), Velvet, Nora, Ruby, and a fifth I haven’t figured out. You go ahead and think whoever y’like,
  • It’s about 20 or so years later and Blake decides to work at Penny’s to find out about her friends’ mysterious and horrible deaths. 
  • Since that day, everyone in their circle of friends have been uneasy. Blake went into solitude and shut herself in her apartment. It wasn’t that way until Yang decided to run away a few years back saying that she needed to find out the truth. For her baby sister Ruby. 
  • If y’read the comic all the way y’find that Yang’s the former security guard that left ya pre-recorded messages. Of course Yang never knew who this message would be for other than the next employee so Blake is never mentioned directly.
  • An’ if y’ve played the game y’know that the previous guard’s death was recorded on the 4th Night message. So… yeah.
  • Blake survives every night before the last. Try’na uncover all the little secrets about the deaths and how these animatronics end up becoming like this. And why they resemble her friends too much-
  • On the 5th Night she didn’t have enough power by the end. An’ she’s already lost hope. But when Penny an the others’re about t’get her, they knock off her hat accidentally an her cat ears are revealed. The animatronics get confused (wonderin’ if she’s a mascot after all), long enough fer the time t’hit 6am an they stop movin’. Allowing Blake t’leave. But she couldn’t save ‘em. No matter what she’d done. Yang’s dead now too. So she pretty much left there empty handed, tho alive- barely.
  • An the final twist t’this is that someone has t’be the next guard. Guess who?

    It’s Weiss.

Anyway that’s all the story I had come up for this. M’happy t’see people likin’ it so much t’want more but I don’t think I can deliver! This was just a fun side project that I roped myself into. But if anyone wants t’continue this it’d be real swell! I’d like t’see that.

Anywho- Couch out.


poor Rinrin got yelled by his boyfriend.

*pats rin’s shoulder* don’t worry, let him be a bitch for now and everything will be fine :)




This person is hot in both genders, this is not fair.

hey guys while this post is really great, if you’re wanting to use binders you should NOT use ace bandages, which is what it looks like they’re using in this? 

Ace bandages can really hurt you by bruising ribs, causing shortness of breath, and they’re not designed to bind your chest.

If you need a binder it’s best off that you either buy a Wonderworks one, and I know there are tons of resources around tumblr for getting trans people binders for free/next to nothing. HERE is a list of resources for you guys!

Please bind safely, it’s really important for you and your health!!!

ok since we hear “don’t bind with ace bandages” all the time, but usually not with an explanation of exactly what they do, I’m gonna add this in. ace bandages are designed for swelling. they reduce swelling by applying pressure and when you put them on your chest, they register your breathing as swelling and so with every breath they go a little tighter. NOT GOOD!

(Source: sizvideos)